Learn to spiritually protect yourself

Listen to Build Your Fortress to learn spiritual protections that will help you keep your energy safe on your journey. Start with the basics to build your walls. Then call in your advanced protections to fortify your fortress.

  • What visualizations can you do?

  • What rituals can help you?

  • Which beings can you work with?

  • What if you can't visualize?

  • And other ways to protect yourself

Course curriculum

    1. Build Your Fortress

    2. Continuing Service Work : Spirit Art Readings

    1. The Golden White Bubble of Light

    2. Color Shielding

    3. Calling on Source Light

    4. What If You Can’t Visualize?

    5. Continuing Service Work : One-on-One Sessions

    1. Angels of the Four Corners

    2. Calling on Archangels

    3. Trust Your Divine Team

    4. Symbols and Tools

    5. Continuing Service Work : The Journey of Spirit Art

    1. Affirmations and Prayer

    2. Cleansing with Sage

    3. The Power of Salt

    4. Create Your Defenses

    5. Continuing Service Work : Testimonials & Donations

    1. Build Friendships

    2. Create Boundaries

    3. Reclaim Energy & Ground

    4. Raise Your Vibration

    5. What’s Next?

    6. Continuing Service Work

About this course

  • 23 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
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