Extraterrestrial Experiences

Watch a series of lectures on my ET experiences, guidance, and more.

ET Experience Series

Learn about my many experiences with galactic beings including Zetas, Saurians, Arcturians, Mantids, Avians, Insectoids, Humans, and many, many more.

    1. Welcome to the Extraterrestrial Experiences Library

    2. The Monthly Poll

    1. My First Extraterrestrial

    2. Eldebaran Like Spock

    3. The Galactic Federation of Light and Organized ET Labels

    1. My First Sasquatch

    2. Archive: Sasquatches In My Dreams

    3. Archive: Telepathic Sasquatches

    1. Archive: Humans on Mars

    1. Archive: The Collective of Watchers

    1. Archive: Toa a Time Keeper

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