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Watch videos regarding general spiritual teachings on everything from meditation to raising your vibration to protections and more..

Spiritual Teachings Lecture Series

Discover more information on the topics I share on social media. Expanded videos with details about meditation, spirituality, vibration, twin flames, and more.

    1. Welcome to the Spiritual Teachings Library

    2. Questions for Future Videos

    1. Be Your Authentic Self : Part One

    2. Be Your Authentic Self: Part 2

    1. A Plant Based Journey: Part One

    2. A Plant Based Journey: Part 2

    1. Do Animals Fear Death? Telepathic Experiences with My Pets

    2. Lawncare and Natural Balance: An Often Overlooked Concept With ET Experiences

    3. The Future of Technology

    1. Thoughts About Twin Flames

    1. A Bit About Offerings

    2. Be Your Authentic Self

    3. Bucket Lists & Manifestation

    4. Embrace Your Spiritual Name

    5. How to be Abundant and Attractive

    6. Karmic & Twins

    7. Love, Perception & Time

    8. Open Your Third Eye

    9. Religion and God

    10. Spirit Guides : Ask and you shall receive

    11. The Three Generation Rule

    12. What can we do without division?

    13. What is the food thing?

    14. Wishes & Gratitude

    15. The Book Ban

    16. Wormholes & Portals

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